NaturaLux Information

Studies have shown that NaturaLux™ light filters absorb 100% of the harmful UVB rays (280-320nm) and 98% of the UVA rays (320-400nm) emitted from fluorescent light bulbs. They also provide full spectrum lighting, reduce glare, and color enhance fluorescent light. In addition to providing healthier light by filtering UV rays, NaturaLux™ filters will also extend the life of various food products and reduce the fading of fabric, furniture, paintings, and photographs.

NaturaLux™ UV light filters are primarily designed for use in open troffer fixtures, and in fixtures that use prismatic sheet and parabolic (egg crate) louvers. For NaturaLux Tube Guard, the fluorescent bulb slides into the NaturaLux™ sleeve and the end caps are pushed onto each end. The encapsulated bulb is then installed into the fluorescent light fixture and ready for use. NaturaLux Overlay sheets are also applied to existing fluorescent fixtures using adhesive tape. NaturaLux™ filters are most effective when used with 5000K bulbs, but they will also greatly improve the light emission of 4100K bulbs.