Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Order: Our minimum order for our stock sizes is a quantity of 50 tubes, and the price breaks are at quantities of 100, 250, 500, 1000, etc.. Please contact us for quantities of more than 1,200 tubes.

Shipping: Most orders will be shipped within 1 to 2 days via FedEx Ground or via truck, depending on which method is cheaper. We will contact you if we'll need more than 2 business days to ship your order. If you would like to have the order shipped on your FedEx Account, or for FedEx Express shipments, please contact us.

Transit Time: The color coded Transit Time Map shows the estimated number of business days for the shipment to arrive by state.

Samples: We can provide 1 or 2 samples of most sizes for a charge of $20, which includes shipping within the continental US. The $20 charge will be credited toward a subsequent order of 100 or more tubes. Please contact us to request a sample.

Delivery Outside of the Continental US: Our online shipping calculator can only provide a shipping estimate for orders shipping within the continental US. For shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, please contact us for a shipping quote. We don't normally ship outside of the US and Canada, as the shipping for international air freight is cost prohibitive.

Custom Orders: We can cut the tubes to custom lengths for a quantity of 100 or more tubes. Colored tubes or tubes with internal caps require a minimum order of 3000 feet or more of tubing, depending on the diameter. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Materials: Tubes - Clear Polycarbonate / Caps - Low Density Polyethylene

Tube Dimensions: The diameters shown on our website are the approximate outside dimensions (OD's). The approximate wall thicknesses and inside dimensions (ID's) are as follows:

1" Diameter Tubes: 1.00" OD, 0.95" ID (0.018" to 0.022" wall thickness)

1 1/2" Diameter Tubes: 1.50" OD, 1.45" ID (0.018" to 0.022" wall thickness)

2" Diameter Tubes: 2.00" OD, 1.95" ID (0.018" to 0.022" wall thickness)

2 1/2" Diameter Tubes: 2.50" OD, 2.45" ID (0.020" to 0.024" wall thickness)

3" Diameter Tubes: 3.00" OD, 2.95" ID (0.020" to 0.024" wall thickness)

3 1/2" Diameter Tubes: 3.50" OD, 3.44" ID (0.022" to 0.026" wall thickness)

Additional Information: The prices include two caps per tube, in any of the available cap colors shown for that diameter. All of our tubes are capped on both ends, we don't make them with one end sealed. The caps go over the outside of the tube by about an inch on each end, and do not require any type of adhesive to stay on through the mail.

The caps are shipped in a separate bag or box, we only put them onto the tubes when we are sending samples. We don't do any printing on the tubes, most of our customers will use a clear label or an insert. When mailing the individual tubes, the address can be on the inside of the tube if it can be easily read by the postal carrier. Postage can only be put inside of the tube if it is not subject to being canceled by the USPS.